What Would I Be Doing Without Coaching?

Posted on 25 October, 2018 at 5:35

I was asked recently how I got into coaching and I told my story (as mentioned in a previous blog - link below).


I was then asked another question, which really got me thinking:


“If you hadn’t gone for coaching, what would you be doing now?”




Well, I can’t know what might have turned up if I had just kept going along the path I was on.  Who knows what other opportunities might have turned up? All I can give is the picture as I saw it from where I was then.  

I was a fundraising manager for a charity and the logical next step was to apply for jobs which were the next step up: Director of Development, for example. This would have been putting myself and my future in other peoples’ hands. Waiting for jobs to be advertised/become available; putting in my application to be weighed against others and found satisfactory/wanting; preparing for/getting stressed about interviews; waiting for the phone to ring to tell me if I had been successful or not.  And all this for a career that I didn’t really want to have anymore.


Having been employed all my working life, going freelance wasn’t even on the radar. Neither was bringing all my skills together and creating my own career.


Without the intervention of coaching, I probably would have carried on as I had for the whole of my previous working life - clocking in, drawing down a regular salary, getting bored every 3 or 4 years, moving on and looking forward to retirement. 

Instead, here I am 10 years on, having built a coaching practice, become a public speaker and written a book. In my freelance life, I can sit writing whilst looking out over London as dusk falls, having spent a morning with a marvellous client at their studio, before meeting up with a group of coaching colleagues and then going on to a Private View. Yesterday was totally different and tomorrow will be different again. I work hours I want and because I love what I do, health permitting, I don’t intend to retire.


You might not want to change your life completely. You may not know what you want to do. You may just have the feeling, as I did, that something needed to change. Whether that turns out to be changing your horizons, your mindset or a few unhelpful habits, coaching could be the way through.



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