Posted on 3 July, 2019 at 4:05

Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about doing something. Often a lot of that time can be spent thinking about all the things which could possibly go wrong if we do something. Prevarication is a great way to avoid mistakes.  (Or delay success.)

Considering risks is a sensible step to take before you a) cross the road in heavy traffic, b) swing an axe in a crowded room or c) light a cigarette with a blow torch. But sometimes in waiting for just the right set of conditions, time and opportunity can pass us by.


Often, the only way we can find out if something will work is by doing. Not thinking, not analysing, but actually doing.


How many of us learnt to ride a bike by reading a book or thinking about handlebars? Most of us just got on the bike. And how many of us rode it perfectly the first time? We  probably fell off a few times, skinned our knees and swore at the bike. Then suddenly, there we were, riding along like we had always been doing it.


Look down your list of things you have been meaning to do.


Which one will you do today?

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