Posted on 11 July, 2019 at 3:55

"One's performance is often heightened by the brilliance and generosity of other actors."

Cyril Cusack

How many times have you found that your work or career has been taken to another level, or just made a little easier, by the generosity of others?

It could have been a practical act such as: giving you a piece of information; showing you how to do some technical thing in a more effective way; introducing you to a useful contact.

It could have been giving you their time to: talk through your ideas; come to see your work; read your book.

It could have been a generosity of spirit: creating an environment where anything seems possible; giving you the space in the light to shine; inviting you to collaborate and up your game to their level; making one small positive comment about your work.

The best form of generosity is that which doesn't expect a quid pro quo and has no hidden agenda. This is the act done because it is the nice thing to do, the small thing which could make a big impact or just make the recipient happy.

Through my career, I can count many occasions when someone has given me advice or an opportunity which has been welcomed at the time and in retrospect has actually given my career a huge boost or set me off in a new and exciting direction. I remember the theatre marketing people who gave up their valuable time to talk to me about how they got into their business when I was looking for a change of career; the person who gave me a large job not because I had any experience but because they saw potential; the first person who trusted me with their future when I was training as a coach.

And perhaps more importantly, I can remember the times when people have come and told me about something they were able to achieve or a new way of looking at themselves which came out of a tiny comment I made along the way that I had more or less forgotten about.

What will be your small act of generosity today?

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