Introducing my new Membership project

Posted on 12 May, 2020 at 7:40

I am delighted to announced a project I have been working on behind the scenes since the beginning of the year.


In response to people who want to work with me, but in a less formal way than a coaching package, I have created a membership programme on the Patreon platform. It has been designed as a result of talking with clients, potential clients and others interested in my work. They want something they can dip into, like they do with my book, and a way of accessing coaching with me which is more affordable than an intensive package. 

With 3 membership levels, (available at monthly payments of £4, £12 or £36 + VAT), the programme is aimed at creative people who are generally motivated and proactive, but who would like some regular support and insights to keep them going.

There will be coaching materials dropped into your mailbox on a regular basis. Depending on the tier you choose, these include short weekly blogs, fortnightly videos, weekly coaching questions and online access to me to answer questions and queries.


3 Star membership includes a quarterly 1-2-1 online coaching session with me. This is aimed at people who only need a check in every so often to keep them on track. It is almost like having a coach on retainer. This tier is only open to 30 people.

This membership will run alongside my usual coaching programmes - the idea is to offer more options to suit different people. The existing blogs and videos with coaching tips and advice on this website and Youtube will remain freely available to anyone. New writing will largely be on the Patreon site.


Full details are on my Patreon page.

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