Just Start Running

Posted on 19 January, 2022 at 4:25

When people come to me for coaching, it is usually because they want something to change.


I know from my own experience when I first went to a coach I was desperate to change my career.  My focus was very much on “running away” from my then current situation. It was a great place to begin. In fact, it was the only place to begin because I couldn’t see any other viewpoint. Importantly, it was a major motivation to get me moving, even though I didn’t know where I was going.


As the coaching progressed, my viewpoint was expanded and options became available to me.  Suddenly I realised that instead of running away from, I was “running towards”. I still wasn’t entirely sure what the next part of my career would be, but there was excitement as much about the possibility as the actuality. It increased my motivation tenfold.


In a way, this was hardly surprising. When you are looking to change something in your life, you still have your mind in the past, in the situation that hasn’t been working. Running away from that will get you on the road. It can, though, almost feel that you are trying to run fast whilst continually looking over your shoulder. 


If you are stuck and not sure what to run towards, don't let that stop you. Being by thinking of what you want to run away from. Make a list of everything in your current situation.



  • What are the things which are working?
  • How do you keep / increase those?
  • Which are the bits which aren’t working?
  • How could they be ditched / decreased?
  • How long would that take?
  • Who could help you?



There comes the point where you have distanced yourself, even if only on paper, from what isn’t working and begin to see possibilities ahead of you. You can begin to change your focus to what’s ahead and suddenly, you can move much faster and with more intention. That intention will keep you going over sometimes rocky terrain until you have made the changes you want.

Coaching made a huge difference to my life (and continues to do so). If you think it could help you, too, book a Clarity Call and let's start a conversation.

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