Posted on 12 September, 2019 at 4:25

Are you one of those people who feel you are brilliant at solving other peoples’ problems, but useless at solving your own?

It is often the case that we can see other peoples’ situations in a much clearer light than our own, clouded as they can be by our imposter syndrome, Inner Critics, self imposed limitations and fears.

It is at moments like this that a volleyball could come in handy.

Any of you who have seen the film Castaway will know that in order to stave off isolation and create a companion of sorts, Tom Hanks’ character paints a face on a volleyball, calls it Wilson and has conversations with it. Sounds a great idea in an extreme situation, but it’s not something you would do in everyday life. Is it?

Well, you may not get yourself a volleyball, but what if you imagined a friend and you gave them the siutation/issue that you are dealing with at the moment. Imagine them coming up with all the “ifs”, “buts”, “oughts”, “shoulds” which you have been thinking about. What advice would you give them? Which questions would you ask them to get clarity? What actions would they take to get unstuck?

It might sound an odd thing to do, but I have used this exercise occasionally in coaching sessions. I am always amazed at the way people embrace it and the bright, inventive, fast solutions and insights they come up with. It is just a simple displacement activity but it can take the pressure off and open up the mind to possibility.

So, how is that volleyball looking now?

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