Posted on 5 September, 2019 at 5:40

What makes you unique?


According to smartphone technology and over 100 years of crime detection, there are your fingerprints for starters. But that is just the (finger)tip of what singles each of us from the herd.  

Some people are very obviously unique because of a specific skill, a certain charisma, a particular experience. We sometimes glorify these people, making them famous and role models. This is fine, but along the way we should also be honouring the uniqueness in each of us.  


Because we may dress in the same style as our friends and peers, join the same sort of groups, go to the same types of places, watch the same programmes, have the same interests, we can often view ourselves and others as ‘just’ part of a group (and indeed, feeling part of a community or tribe can be a valuable thing).


But when you think about it however much you run with the crowd we are all still individual. In simple terms, how many times have you been at an event with a friend and your individual experiences of it have been wildly at variance? This is because we all see, process, react to experiences through our own distinct filters, born out of our ethics, attitudes, beliefs, world view, aspirations, relationships, habits, upbringing, education, personal history, etc.


No-one else can be exactly the same combination of life experience as you. Your insights and instincts are as distinct as your fingerprints. This is why your decisions about how you live your life can only be down to you. And as this individuality and uniqueness is what guides our own lives, it is also a contribution to all of us. We need your perception to help us all to see the world in a different way.


One dictionary definition of ‘unique’ is ‘being the only one of its kind’, which is a great thing for any of us to be. Recognise and revel in your uniqueness.

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