It's Not About the Lipstick

Posted on 11 May, 2022 at 3:30


Some time ago, I did a webinar with another coach, Claire.  It was done in audio mode, with a few slides for reference, but no-one could actually see us.


A couple of hours before the webinar, Claire and I had a call to finalise last minute details and check out the technical stuff. As this was done over Skype, we could see each other.


After the webinar, we had another Skype call to debrief and what do you know? We saw that we had both put on lipstick for the webinar, even though we weren’t going to be seen by our listeners.  We had a good laugh about this, even as we realised what it meant for both of us.


Now, you can have a debate about whether or not women should wear makeup, but that is for another place. The point is that it wasn’t about the lipstick in itself. It was that for Claire and myself, regardless of the circumstances, it was important for us to show up at our very best.


It was a way for both of us to move into ‘professional’ mode, for ourselves and more importantly, out of respect for our audience. It didn’t matter that they couldn’t see us; it was about giving them the best we could be, us showing up at 100%. (Even working from home, on days when I don’t have meetings, I always dress “for the office”.)


I have another coaching colleague who happily scribbles away with a ballpoint pen on any old bit of paper for their own notes, but when working with a client only uses a fountain pen and a leather bound notebook. A male colleague always puts on his 'special' tie for important meetings and video calls.


Obviously, it is no good turning up with the lipstick or the fountain pen if the content isn’t any good, so you need to get that right first of all. But once that is sorted, it is surprising how these small touches can enhance your confidence and get you into your right, professional zone.


So what little thing do you do, or could you do, when you want a bit of confidence to show up at your best?

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