Working with you during COVID-19

"In the middle of my batch of coaching sessions with Debs, we went into lockdown. She helped me quickly take all of my personal shopping & styling services from offline to online. I immediately started getting clients, including one directly from Instagram - I was especially thrilled with this, due to Debs' huge encouragement to keep up the consistency on the platform." Sarah Gilfillan, Sartoria Lab

These are uncertain times.

We are getting conflicting news, information overload and social media is at its’ best and worst.

We don’t know what is going to happen next. We are having to find new ways to live, reviewing our processes and changing our mindsets, whether for the short or long term.

It can feel like the ground is shifting under our feet, like we are out of control.

We are all in the pandemic, but we are each experiencing it in a unique way. Even as we move out of lockdown, we face more changes as we go into a life which is still far from 'normal'.

Maybe your whole creative process is disrupted and you need to find new ways to work. You might feel lost and unclear on your role.

Maybe you are embracing the chaos, looking forward to the chance to play with your creativity without pressure.

Maybe you are finding it hard to stay focussed and positive.

We will probably all find ourselves at the mercy of our fear, sadness, anxiety, frustration. We can acknowledge and be with those emotions - and know that we also need to step back from those feelings to find new ways through the crisis.

In the middle of the disruption and distress, there are opportunities to discover different methods of working, of communicating, of learning and of developing yourself. Extreme circumstances can bring out the best of you, increasing your resilience and confidence in more ways than you could currently imagine. 

As a creative, this is the time when your inventiveness, imagination and lateral thinking is not only vital to others, but also in supporting you through this period and into the future.

I can:

  • give you a safe, confidential space where you can speak freely and get everything out into the open.
  • be your thinking partner and together, we can address your challenges and find solutions, whether you want to keep on your same track, adapt your practice or create something new.
  • be your support team through regular coaching sessions, your calm oasis in the middle of the chaos. You will also have access to me when you need it through email, for questions, updates and those moments of uncertainty.
  • be a constant in the confusion, an anchor point in a turbulent sea.

What do you do next?

I work with a limited number of coaching clients at any one time, so that I can give each person my very best attention. Apply for coaching and a free online consultation to find out how we might work together. Coaching requires an investment of time and money, so it is important that we both feel it is a good fit for you at this time. (Anything we discuss in the call will be absolutely confidential and without obligation.) If we decide to go ahead, we book our first session. At each subsequent session, we review where you are, how you want to move forward and agree your goals and actions to work on between sessions.

Complete the application form on the coaching page to begin the process.