Join My Membership Platform on Patreon

"I enjoy reading your Patreon articles, they often provide me with a nudge when it's required. Many thanks." 

In response to people who want to work with me, but in a less formal way than a regular coaching package, I created a membership programme on the Patreon platform in May 2020. There is a growing library of resources which is being added to every week.

It is a place where, as a client, you can continue to work with me during or after your coaching sessions. Or where you can begin your coaching journey when you aren't yet ready for formal coaching sessions. Or where you can go for ideas, insights and support. 

"What I love about your blogs, videos, and other snippets of wisdom, is the way they resonate long after I first read them.

Other things I hear or read bring them back to mind, creating links and reinforcing a positive approach to life and work! Thank you."

With 3 membership levels, the programme is aimed at creative people who are generally motivated and proactive, but who would like some regular support and insights to keep them going.

You will get content giving tips, insights and tools to keep you on track with your goals and projects, and support your self development and well being.

  • 1 new blog every Friday
  • 1 short video every other Tuesday

You will get content to support you in your self development and moving your projects forward

  • everything in the previous tier, plus
  • a weekly coaching question every Sunday designed to get you into action, support your well being, to look outward or to reflect
  • access to me via the comments or message which I will respond to asap during office hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm UK times)
  • a quarterly prompt (video or worksheet) to check how you are progressing on your projects
  • an annual review prompt (video or worksheet) to celebrate the past year and look forward to the next one

This tier gives you the most direct access to me, to support you in achieving your long term goals. This benefit is limited to 20 people.

  • everything in the previous tiers, plus
  • on registration, a one-off, 1-2-1, 30 minute online coaching session to get you started (including a pre-session questionnaire)
  • a quarterly 1-2-1 coaching session with me. This is worth £125 and includes: pre-session questionnaire preparation by us both; 60 minute online coaching session; post-session follow up email; if relevant, homework exercises; email access between sessions during office hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm UK times)
  • occasional extra videos and material exclusive to this tier

"I just read your email for this week!! This is one of those ones that will live with me - thank you so much!"

3 Star membership includes a quarterly 1-2-1 online coaching session with me. This is aimed at people who only need a check in every so often to keep them on track. It also allows you to pay for a session over 3 months. This tier has limited availability.

So, I invite you to visit my Patreon page, check out the 3 levels and see how I can support you in your creative life!