The 21st Century Creative

Series 4, Episode 8:

I was absolutely delighted to be a guest on Mark McGuinness's highly acclaimed 21st Century Creative podcast talking about tango, creativity, excuses and why I love working with creative people.

Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast 

Series 5, Episode 4:

Recorded at Barbican, host Jon Jacob,  pianist and composer Andrew James Johnson, and I join together for a conversation spanning piano lessons, Wagner and the CBSO.

Art & Ideas

In conversation with KV Duong. I was delighted to be the guest in KV's series of talks around art. We talked about imposter syndrome, how to deal with creative blocks, how to manage your time and the "oughts" and "shoulds" around being an artist.

Small Business Lives- October 2021

I was a guest on Episode 46 of Small Business Lives with host Sophie Bradley. We talked about creating safe spaces, questions, time to pause, a place to externalise your thoughts and how they can help creatives.


With ArtCan founder and CEO, Kate Enters, we talked about the amazing sense of community and collaboration between the artists, and also with the Friends of ArtCan.

Artistically You

I am a guest of artist Jana Oliviera and we talk about the fears and struggles artists often face. We also come up with some tips and ideas to help. (This is also available as a video if you prefer.)

Art Talk is a fortnightly discussion on Instagram by artists Marina Emphietzi, Mazarin Memon and Jana Oliveira.

Art Talk - June 2021

We are talking about what it means to be a ‘proper’ artist and the myths which surround it. 

Art Talk - July 2021

We are talking about fear of failure, fear of success and sharing a passion for art. 

Art Talk - January 2022

At the beginning of the year, we are talking about goal setting (which, of course, can happen at any time of year!). 

The London Photo Festival gives new and emerging photographers a chance they would rarely get elsewhere: the opportunity to exhibit their work in a relaxed, professional environment.

London Photo Festival

With host, Emma, we discuss the power of coaching for clarity, perspective and support. 

London Photo Festival

With host Emma, we discuss my book and how to overcome excuses and nurture potential.

London Photo Festival

With host Emma, we discuss what networking is, how to connect virtually with others and stages of collaboration.

Hatch: Let's Get Cracking! This show inspires you to stop procrastinating, shed your fear and to finally write that book, quit that job, take up that hobby, create that website, shoot that film, start that business.

Hatch: Let's Get Cracking!

In this episode, Richard and I discuss how to maintain your creativity.

Hatch: Let's Get Cracking!

In this episode, hosts Claire, Richard and I discuss being alone as a creative, collaboration, coaching and the Argentine Tango!

Hatch: Let's Get Cracking!

In this episode, host Richard and I discuss how to start getting started.

Hatch: Let's Get Cracking!

 In this episode, host Richard and I discuss making your ideas happen

Hatch: Let's Get Cracking!

In this episode, host Richard and I discuss the importance of networks.