feels stuck or unclear on a specific project or your whole creative life?

has too many ideas and doesn’t know how/if to follow them all?

needs support to get into action?

Whether you have ideas shooting off like fireworks or need help finding the spark, let's "light the blue touch paper" together. We can catch your fireworks and bring them back to earth, keeping their colour, sparkle, excitement and dazzle.

I work with creative professionals who are stuck or unclear on how to move forward

and I help them get into action so that they can thrive.

Working internationally, my clients include: artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, writers, designers, at all career stages, for example;

  • at the beginning of your career building up a new support system and deciding a direction
  • working successfully for years and wanting to move up to your next level or develop in new ways of creating
  • fitting in your creative practice alongside bringing up a family and now looking for "your" time

Like them, you feel there is something which needs to change and through coaching, you can get:


a clear vision of what you want to achieve


an outside view to help put things in context


to keep you on track as you take action

"I really enjoy our discussions and find them so helpful, motivating and un-judgemental.

I believe they have made a profound difference to how I relate to my art work and link it with the other aspects of my life."

I work with people who want to get into action. This could be finding ways of working which support your practice or getting you through blocks caused by lack of confidence, negative perception or unhelpful attitudes. Working with my clients, I have seen careers changed, books written, exhibitions opened, plays staged and countless other accomplishments. Whether what is stopping you seems like a great boulder in the road ahead or an annoying pebble in your shoe, apply for a coaching place and a free exploratory conversation to find out how we might work together and get you moving forward.

Are there any positive new beliefs you now have as a result of coaching?

"I feel more positive about myself as an artist. My idea of what I am as an artist is evolving.

I was rather stuck before and it was sucking the joy out of my work."


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