feels stuck, unclear or uncertain?

has too many ideas and doesn’t know how/if to follow them all?

needs support to get into ​action?​

I work with artists, designers, performers, writers, film makers, theatre makers, dancers and other creative professionals

who want to get into action and thrive, by providing:


a clear vision of what​ you want to achieve


an outside view to put things in context


to keep you on track as you take action

"I just wanted to say thank you - every time I talk to you I leave feeling brave and joyous."

You are a creative professional who is looking for new ways to operate, review your processes and change your mindset. 

Maybe you embraced the recent chaos, using the chance to play with your creativity without pressure and now want to channel those insights.

Maybe your whole creative process was disrupted. You might still feel lost and unclear on your role.

Maybe you are at a stage of your career and practice where you want to re-evalute what you want to achieve and where to go next. 

There are opportunities for you to discover different methods of working, of communicating, of developing yourself, of building your own certainty in an uncertain world. You want to work to your best, increasing your resilience and confidence in more ways than you can currently imagine. 

As a creative person, you have your inventiveness, imagination and lateral thinking as vital tools to help you take some control over your life. 

And you want some support.

You want:

🌟 a safe, confidential space where you can reflect, focus, imagine, speak freely and get everything out into the open

🌟 a thinking partner to help you address your challenges, find solutions and move you into action so you can thrive

🌟 a support team and an accountability buddy through regular coaching sessions

🌟 a constant in the confusion, an anchor point in a turbulent sea

so let’s start a conversation.


"Debs combines years of experience and expertise with a wealth of wisdom, dedication, generosity and warmth. I have known Debs professionally and personally for about 4 years. I undertook a 4 hour planning session with her as a way of reviewing my business and can highly recommend her. She is an excellent human being with masses of emotional intelligence so if you need some gentle accountability, a cheerleader and someone who will believe in and encourage you when you can't to it yourself... then Debs is for you!" Alex McIntyre

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